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Stevie Cripps uses Source Connect Standard from Source Elements


We work with a number of production companies, touring units, DJs and podcasters to build programmes and provide imaging. Please email us or call +44 7540 620006. We’d be delighted to help with your next project!


When it comes to radio, podcast and live imaging, we use the latest plug-ins, sound design tools and techniques along with custom SFX and a vast array of voices to ensure that every piece produced is unique. It is our insistence – no catalogues or libraries of old work rehashed for new shows. New projects – new imaging, every time! Our high production values and integrity to imagery and audio creativity mean that your show or podcast will receive the treatment it deserves, resulting in a highly professional finish, regardless of whether it’s a start-up podcast or an establish networked radio show.


For the last 15 years  we have co-written and produced the intros for Armin Van Buuren’s popular A State of Trance  Year Mix Albums. From mixtapes in bins and dramatic court scenes to dancing hillbillies and witches with golden turntables some truly creative concepts have been created for this awesome project.  Check out this example from 2018, animated by the A State of Trance team for the online radio show. The vocal talent includes Darren Altman, Louisa Gummer, Philip Banks, Michelle Reynolds and of course Armin himself.


 We use a wide array of audio tools and sources to create soundscapes for a variety of different projects from sonic logos to visual dubbing and beyond. Check out the example to the right, produced for Nike. We designed the sound to reflect the effort of runners as they increase speed on a treadmill surround by a 360 screen. 

Podcast and Radio Production

 We have an extensive background in programme building and built programmes for the UK’s major networks. We use fast and meticulous engineers with a keen ear for detail and desire to produce the highest quality content. From building, mixing to mastering – you are in safe hands. 

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